About us

Behind this web site you will find Uppsala Municipality. Approximately 13,000 people work for the municipality.

You will find us at schools, at the library, out in the parks, when you want to start a company or apply for a building permit. Our aim is for Uppsala to be an attractive place in which to live and work. Let us know if you have any questions or would like to know more.

The Mayor of Uppsala

Marlene Burwick (Social Democratic Party) is the Mayor of Uppsala. She is also the chair of the City Executive Board. 

Picture of Marlene Burwick

Mayor and deputy mayors

  • Marlene Burwick (S)
  • Maria Gardfjell (MP)
  • Ilona Szatmari Waldau (V)
  • Erik Pelling (S)
  • Caroline Andersson (S)
  • Rickard Malmström (MP)

The political opposition (Conservative party (M), Liberal party (L), Centre party (C) and Christian Democrats (KD) has five deputy Mayors:

  • Fredrik Ahlstedt (M)
  • Marta Obminska (M)
  • Mohamad Hassan (L)
  • Stefan Hanna (C)
  • Jonas Segersam (KD)

The City Council

If the City Executive Board functions as Uppsala's government, the City Council can be thought of as the city's parliament. The City Council convenes once a month and their meetings are open to the general public. The 81 councillors are appointed following general elections held at the same time as the parliamentary and county elections. The City Council establishes goals and guidelines for the overall work of the city. The matters in which councillors decide have generally been drafted and discussed by various boards and committees in advance. Once political decisions are deferred for practical implementation, the employees of the City administrations and companies take over.

The Presidency of the City Council

  • Carl Lindberg (S) – Chair of the City Council
  • Alf Karlsson (MP) – Deputy Chair of the City Council
  • Magnus Åkerman (M) – Deputy Chair of the City Council

The City Executive Board

The City Executive Board consists of 15 members who represent both the majority and the opposition. The City Executive Board can be thought of as the government of Uppsala; it expresses an opinion in all matters decided by the City Council and bears the overall responsibility for the follow-up, evaluation and execution of its decisions. The Board is also responsible for the City's financial administration and long-term development. Meetings of the Board are not open to the general public.

International co-operation

The City Executive Board holds principal authority for any work on international issues. The City executive office is responsible for the coordination, information, distribution and transfer of experience in connection with the city´s international work.

It involves the following:

  • coordinating the city´s work on EU issues,
  • actively stimulating and supporting the department´s commitment,
  • actively monitoring different opportunities for obtaining economic support for projects within separate municipal areas of activity,
  • creating the best conditions for the exchange of information and experience between the departments, and
  • Collaborating with other players within the region.

Policy and Guidelines

The Policy for the City of Uppsala´s international work is a general municipal management document whose purpose is to create a shared platform for international work, in which the city expresses its intentions and objectives for the work. The Guidelines for the City of Uppsala´s international work demonstrates the way the international work should be run and provides basic data for priorities.
The Policy and the Guidelines show that the City of Uppsala's international work ultimately should contribute to fulfilling the general municipal targets. Need and long-term benefit should guide international work. It is of greatest importance that international work should safeguard and influence opportunities for the development of Uppsala.

Contact in the City of Uppsala

Christian Dahlmann
Head of unit
City Executive Office
+46 18 727 13 45