Uppsala – a part of the national capital region, the most expansive growth area

Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest city, a rapidly growing urban centre marked by expanding residential development and new areas of activity. Its proximity to academia, leading industrial clusters and internationally respected research centres is attracting expansive hi-tech companies, and growth in the business sector is strong.

The proximity to other international companies and the creative innovation environment are what makes Uppsala unique. Others have established companies before you and it is easy to find someone who can help you along the way in Uppsala and out into the world beyond.

The Department for Enterprise and External at the City Executive office develop and create a richer corporate climate in Uppsala and has a wide contact network both within and beyond the country's borders. We assist both established companies and new start-ups.

We invite you to contact us if you require information about enterprise and commerce in Uppsala, or need more specific assistance concerning land, premises, licences or equivalent.
Some of our services:

• Expert advice within all areas of physical planning.
• Procurement of office and industrial premises.
• Contact with authorities within the City of Uppsala, regarding various kinds of permits
• Networking
• Arrangement of contacts between companies in Uppsala and national or international investors looking for co-operation partners in Uppsala.

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Considering, starting, running, developing, closing down a business

For more information, visit the website Verksamt.se, where you can find general information from six cooperating authorities.

The Life Science cluster

The region of Stockholm-Uppsala is one of Europe's largest and most productive life science clusters. In Uppsala alone there are 200 companies within life science, and new ones are continually popping up. Here you can find research, development, production and authorities. This means excellence in a small area.

Innovative ICT-companies

Information and communication technology (ICT) is an area that is growing at record speed in Uppsala. Today the area Stockholm-Uppsala is one of the leading regions in the world for start-up companies. In Uppsala you can find cutting-edge research, education and product development within several ICT areas.

A highly mobile region

Uppsala is part of the national capital region. Located just 17 minutes from Arlanda Airport and 38 minutes from Stockholm, its excellent communications help boost mobility in the business sector – and growth.

Today, Uppsala is the most rapidly growing region in the country. A comparison of Sweden's ten largest urban centres shows that Uppsala has the fastest growing labour market and that unemployment is below the national average. More than 200 000 people now live here, including 40 000 students. Commuting to the region is extensive and growing numbers are choosing to settle here. It is expected that Uppsala's population will number some 350 000 inhabitants by mid-century.
Read the brochure Uppsala - Facts about business and enterprise (PDF, 4 MB)