The creative city

Knowledge and creativity are closely linked. New ideas lead to new solutions. In Uppsala there is a dynamic student life paralleled with the international research and business climate. From here in Uppsala you can trace successes such as Skype, the material Upsalite and the pharmaceutical giant Pharmacia – thanks to the closeness between university and business.


Population between 20–44 yrs: 39 %
Percentage of students: 20 %
Life science companies: 200
Employees within ICT: 400

The Pharmacia story

The Pharmacia story

Pharmacia is the one company that perhaps is the most significant when it comes to Swedish pharmaceutical development. It was founded in 1911 and moved to Uppsala in 1951. It was here that the research-oriented and expansive international company was built up. Pharmacia has produced many well-known patented medicines. Today production has been divided up into different companies – and many of them are still in Uppsala.


Nano technology that is changing the world

Upsalite is the name of the whole new material that was discovered serendipitously in a lab in Uppsala in 2013. Behind the discovery is Maria Strømme – Sweden's youngest ever Professor of technology. In addition to Upsalite, her research group at Uppsala University has produced environmentally friendly batteries from green algae. Nano technology changes everything: from how we produce medicine and building materials to how we store energy.

Skype a Swedish success story

Skype – a Swedish success story

Niklas Zennström, an alumnus of Uppsala University, has truly paved the way for Swedish start-up companies. After the "dot com"- crash of 2000 he founded the program Kazaa, and thereafter Skype in 2003. Skype revolutionized telecommunications, enabling people to call and video call each other at no charge by way of the internet. A few years later in 2008 Skype was sold for several billion dollars to eBay and Microsoft. Today Zennström is making investments in tomorrow's IT innovations.