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The cultural city

Guitar festivals, Cultural evenings, Valborg (Walpurgis Night - 30 April), art exhibitions, "Short" Film Festivals and hundreds of different choirs. Uppsala is a city where culture takes centre stage. Names such as Carl von Linné (known as Linnaeus in schoolbooks around the world) and film director Ingemar Bergman hail from here. Uppsala is also known as a key place of origin for many a Swedish Viking.


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Number of museums: 25
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Uppsala of Viking times

Uppsala of Viking times

In Uppsala you will find one of Scandinavia's most important monument or "cult" centres. In the rather low-lying landscape of the area looms the majestically green hills that cover the graves of the ancient kings. Here is the dwelling place of the 6th century Vikings, and a former political and religious seat of power.
Gamla Uppsala/Old Uppsala museum:
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Carl Linneaus

Carl Linneaus – the Flower King

Young, bold and boundless are words that can describe the world-famous 18th century botanist Carl von Linné (Linnaeus). He made his everlasting mark here in Uppsala, having lived and worked here nearly fifty years. He is most known for his biological classification system known as Systema Naturae. His botanical garden and summer house are maintained and located in Uppsala, attracting both locals and tourists.

Uppsala concert hall

Uppsala's very own concert hall and convention center

Eight floors, 37 meters high and 14,600 sq. m: at long last and in 2007, Uppsala acquired its first concert and convention centre after a decades long debate. The building was designed by Henning Larsens Tegnestue A/S in Copenhagen and has received a number of awards for its bold, modern design.


Restaurants for every taste

Uppsala has over 300 restaurants. Swedish home-style, Ethiopian stew pots , Turkish meze, Thai stir fry, Spanish tapas or Persian cuisine are just a few examples. Eight of Uppsala's restaurants are named in the White Guide for 2014, Sweden's foremost restaurant guide. In Sweden, the coffee break or"fika" tradition is strong and in Uppsala you can find an array of different cafés and pastry shops – traditional or modern.
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