Fastgrowing city

The Oxford of Sweden

The fast-growing city

Uppsala is Sweden's fourth largest city with over 200,000 inhabitants. The city is the fastest growing city in the country and by 2050 the population is expected to exceed 350,000 inhabitants. This means having to build a new Uppsala in just 35 years. That so many people are drawn to Uppsala can be attributed to the city's geographical position, its stable economy and Uppsala as an established city of education.


Planned new residences by the year 2020: 25,000
Population increase: 3.7 %
Newly established businesses during 2013: 1,254

Innovative urban planning in Uppsala

Innovative urban planning

Uppsala is growing fast. Today approximately 150, 000 people live in the city proper, and by 2050 we will be 350,000. This means building a whole new Uppsala in only 35 years. Residences, public buildings, bridges, parks and schools will be built. This puts a demand on continual development, sustainable town planning and dialogue with its citizens.

New design in the city

New design in the city

Uppsala's Travel Centre was inaugurated 2011. An entire new train and bus station environment mirrors a modern metropolitan Uppsala and the old station building from 1886 is a restaurant and pub today. Major changes are being made in the central part of the city. Around the Travel Centre many new residential and office buildings are being built and in addition plans have been made for an innovative trade centre.

Growing labour market

Growing labour market

Uppsala's labour market is growing and last year the increase in jobs here was greater than that in Stockholm. Unemployment is ranked among the lowest in the nation. The existing businesses in Uppsala are employing more and new companies are being established. During 2013 as many as 1,254 new companies were started. More people are choosing to work in the city and consequently commuting to Uppsala has increased more than commuting from it.