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The friendly city

Uppsala may be a big city but it can also be described as quaint. The center of the city has a small-town feeling and it's possible to get around by bicycle everywhere. You are never very far from a park or nature. If you are looking for a place where a lot is happening, yet at the same time is simple enough for family living – Uppsala is the right place for you.


Parks in the city: 42 st
Playgrounds in the city: 100 st
Percentage of trips with a bicycle: 28 %
Bicycle stands in the city: 15,500
Football fields: 66
Members of local sports associations: 34,000

Uppsala - city of bicycles

Uppsala – city of bicycles

There are bicycle stands for more than 15, 000 bicycles and even more bicycles out in traffic. Uppsala is by far the city with the highest bicycle density city in Sweden. Automobile ownership among the young population with its many students is low –instead they take their bikes just about everywhere. Uppsala being a rather flat city with its centralized metropolitan section lends itself to easy access by bicycle.

Getting around on the bicycle map

A sustainable city

A sustainable city

Uppsala has come a long way in terms of sustainability. In 2013 the city was named both Earth Hour Capital by the WWF and Most Sustainable City by the ICCA. Here in Uppsala we work towards finding sustainable, local solutions to global environmental problems. In"Uppsala's climate policy" the municipality cooperates with about thirty different companies in order to reach climate goals.

Water Park

Fyrishov Water Park

Fyrishov is one of Sweden's largest and most well-visited sports complexes with 1.8 million visitors annually. It is an aqua park with indoor and outdoor swimming, sports facilities, bowling and camping. It is an ideal adventure park for families with children offering enjoyment for many hours.

Out and about in nature

Out and about in nature

Most Swedes are delighted by outdoor life and even in the larger cities one is close to nature. In Uppsala there are several nature reserves and many outdoor recreational areas. It is easy to find woods to stroll in, paths to hike on, streams to paddle in or lakes to swim in. In the winter you can go downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing or skating.

Outdoor recreational areas

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