The smart city

The Oxford of Sweden

The International City

One fifth of Uppsala's population is made up of people from other countries or have parents born in foreign countries. The lingual diversity is broad, many are bilingual and most people speak English without any problem. Since 1477 Uppsala has been an international university town where students and organisations from the entire world convene.


Foreign citizens: 15,290
Inhabitants of foreign origin:
Languages being taught as mother tongue:

Global business in Uppsala

Global business

GE Healthcare, Phadia, Beijer Alma, Fresenius Kabi, Stora Enso. These are the names of some of Uppsala's major international companies. The city's geographical position, access to cutting edge research and a competent work force make it a popular place to establish a business. Increasingly large numbers of international organisations choose to arrange their meetings and conferences in Uppsala.

Everyone speaks english

Swedes are among the best in the world at English as a second language. Uppsala residents are no exception. You can speak English with almost anyone and the younger set is often fluent in English. You will also find a number of other languages. The largest foreign language groups are from Iran, Finland, Iraq, Syria, Germany, China, Lebanon, Poland and Ethiopia. In Swedish schools, students are entitled to lessons in their mother tongue, and in Uppsala there are mother tongue teachers in up to 51 languages.

Students in Uppsala

Students from all over the world

500 universities around the world have affiliations with the two universities in Uppsala. This means that each year Uppsala bustles with students from Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and South Africa who have chosen to study in Uppsala. Many of them choose to stay after their studies, thereby contributing to enriching the town with influences from afar.

Arlanda airport

Close to the rest of the world

Uppsala is close to the rest of the world. Sweden's largest international airport, Stockholm Arlanda Airport is just 20 minutes away. And only 20 minutes more and you find yourself in Stockholm – the Capital of Scandinavia. Uppsala is also situated closely to the ports of Sweden's east coast where you can easily travel to Finland, Russia and the Baltics.