Move here

Are you thinking of moving to Uppsala? There are many advantages to living and working here. Here you will find practical information about living, employment, schools, health care and a lot more. Welcome to Uppsala!

Find or create your job

Uppsala’s employment market is solid. The largest employers are at the University, the municipality, and the local county council as well as at a number of private companies. Many of the companies are international and there are continually new companies opening up in Uppsala.

Move to Uppsala

As Uppsala is growing, new housing is continually being built. Here you can find apartments or flats for purchase or rent. Remember that it can be difficult to find housing at the end of the summer when many new students are moving into town.


In Uppsala there are pre-schools for children between the ages of one and five years. There are also "open" pre-schools which parents may attend with their children. It is a great opportunity to get to know other parents and children in Uppsala.

Schools in Uppsala

In Uppsala there are approximately 70 elementary schools and 25 Gymnasiums (Upper Secondary) schools, both private and public. The schools have different profiles you can choose from depending on your interests. All children who have recently come to Sweden or Uppsala are welcome to the Centre for Introduction to Schools (CIS) to discuss and plan schooling.

Health and medical care

Everyone living in Sweden has the right to health care. The healthcare system here is designed to provide all with the healthcare that is needed. In Uppsala the university hospital Akademiska Sjukhus is located in the city centre. On the web site you can ask questions and get advice. Here you can also find information about health care in Uppsala.